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A 'Modi'-fication' of Indian politics‏

By Samir Nazareth

The first time the world heard of Narendra Modi was following a 2002 religious pogrom in Gujarat - he was then, as now, the chief minister of the state. It is alleged that he fanned the flames of hatred by permitting the bodies of brutally slain members of a fundamentalist Hindu group to be paraded, and that he told the police to "let the Hindus vent their anger" on Muslims.

India rises above China 'space race' myth‏

By Anand V

India's successful launch of the Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) on November 5 once again drew worldwide attention to the country's growing space program. This is India's maiden venture to the red planet and is therefore its first real step towards planetary exploration. The Mangalyaan orbiter of the MOM is hoped to become the first Indian spacecraft to thrust itself out of the earth's gravitational field.

India: An economy undone‏

By Kunal Kumar Kundu

Statistically speaking, the Indian economy may have bottomed out, but that's no cause for rejoicing. The impacts of a multitude of wrong policy choices will act as a drag and continue to pull back the economy. As John Maynard Keynes once famously said, "The boom, not the slump, is the right time for austerity."

South Asia's nuclear gamble‏

By Shams uz Zaman

Listening to tips on nuclear strategy from a Pakistani novice politician usually is an extremely disappointing experience. A few weeks ago, someone even claimed that "grass would stop growing in India if it goes to war with Pakistan". Such aggressive statements, if analyzed in tandem with former president Asif Ali Zardari's past unilateral offer to India of dropping the "first use" clause from Pakistan's nuclear doctrine, illustrates lack of political comprehension on the issue.

How Indians keep themselves poor‏


By Jiwan Kshetry

The Global Slavery Index released by the Walk Free Foundation on October 16 claimed India is home to nearly half the world's modern-day slaves caught headlines. Its unlikely the findings surprised close observes.

Himalayan Hotbed: Tensions Spike in Divided Kashmir‏

 By Wieland Wagner

  Violence is on the rise in Kashmir. Indian and Pakistani units are clashing in border skirmishes, and government soldiers are ruthlessly suppressing separatists. The real victims are the civilians caught in the middle.

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