Indian Subcontinent

India and China: The End of Cold Peace?

Jeff M. Smith, The National Interest

In recent years China’s attempts to alter the status quo in its territorial disputes with Japan, the Philippines and Vietnam have seized global headlines.

A Fine Balance: India, Japan and the United States

Dhruva Jaishankar, The National Interest

This weekend, the world will be treated to an unusual sight: Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe inspecting a military parade which will be showcasing, among other things, nuclear-capable ballistic missiles.

US holds the Indo-Pak line of control‏


Majid Mahmood
The year 2013 ended with the meeting of the Director Generals of Military Operations (DGMOs) of Pakistan and India to take stock of the prevailing fragile situation over their disputed border. 

One More Reason to Worry about Pakistan’s Nukes

Michael Kugelman, The National Interest

Last year, Pakistan experienced a wave of leadership transitions. The country welcomed a new government, president, Supreme Court chief justice, and army chief.

The Iran-Pakistan Pipeline Pipe Dream

Robert K. Boggs 

The recent agreement between the P5+1 and Tehran regarding the latter’s nuclear program has boosted hopes in Pakistan that the long-delayed construction of an Iran-Pakistan (IP) pipeline can finally be completed.

India and security in the Gulf‏

 By Rajeev Agarwal

The Persian Gulf region has been the focus of the world for over 100 years now. It found its importance in the modern era when oil was discovered at Masjed Soleyman in southwestern Iran on May 26, 1908. Just three years later that oil was being piped down to a refinery at Abadan on the Iranian side of the Shatt al-Arab.

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