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A Brief History of the US Navy in the Indian Ocean

A Brief History of the US Navy in the Indian Ocean

Akhilesh Pillalamarri
As it celebrates its 240th birthday, the U.S. Navy would do well to keep the Indian Ocean in mind.

US considering nuclear deal with Pakistan: Report


By AT Editor
The United States is exploring an option that could pave the way for a civil nuclear deal with Pakistan like the one concluded with India in 2005, says a report published in The Washington Post Wednesday.

Pakistan’s Afghan predicament

Zakir Hussain
The fall of Kunduz seems to have set in motion a domino effect with the Afghan Taliban forces threatening to overrun the other neighbouring northern Afghan provinces.

Pakistan Keen to Keep Ties with Iran and Saudi Arabia

Debalina Ghoshal, YaleGlobal

Open for trade, Iran may test two rivalries – its own with Saudi Arabia, another between Pakistan and India
NEW DELHI: The Iranian nuclear deal, if implemented, could alter many strategic equations in West Asia, including Iran’s relations with neighbors India and Pakistan.

US-India declaration and its Pakistan-heavy emphasis

Editorial Desk

The hyphenated relationship is back, it appears. Pakistan-India, or India-Pakistan to much of the outside world, has at various points in history irritated one side or the other, the contention of Pakistan and India being that the other country’s issues and concerns were being given too much weight.

50 Years After the 1965 War

What Has Changed in India-Pakistan Relations?

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