Australia and Japan: The Unknown Unknowns

 Australia and Japan: The Unknown Unknowns

Mark Thomson
Australia and Japan have been moving closer on security matters since the mid 2000s. The first ministerial Trilateral Strategic Dialogue between the two countries and the United States was held in 2006, and a Joint Declaration on Security Cooperation was signed in 2007. Yet, security cooperation between Japan and Australia has – until recently – been limited to “nontraditional” issues.

China's Premature Power Play Goes Very Wrong

Rory Medcalf

These are times of mounting drama and tension in the long power play of China’s rise in Asia. Thus, it is more important than ever for American policy makers to peer behind the curtain to see when rising-power loneliness is dressed as leadership and when confidence is a mask for insecurity.

The deniers club: bowing to Turkey and Sri Lanka

Bob Carr visits a school in Colombo, Sri Lanka in 2012. 

By Simon Tatz
original post date 16/4/2014
The 'Israel lobby' is second tier compared to the Turks and Sri Lankans, who wield significant sway over Australia's domestic and foreign policy, writes Simon Tatz.

Muslim rebels joyous, but wary, at peace prospects


By Spacewar

Breakaway rebel leader vows to fight after Philippines peace pact. A day after his former comrades in arms signed a treaty to end 42 years of bloodshed in the Philippines, an ageing Muslim guerrilla leader packing a rusty handgun vowed to fight on.

The US pivot: Rebalancing as retreat


By John Feffer

In a future update of The Devil's Dictionary, the famed Ambrose Bierce dissection of the linguistic hypocrisies of modern life, a single word will accompany the entry for "Pacific pivot": retreat.

China Can Win Big In The Pacific By Backing Down: Edward Luttwak

The US Navy cruiser Cowpens, which nearly collided Dec. 5 with a Chinese navy vessel trying to force it away from China's new aircraft carrier, the Liaoning.

By Sydney J. Freedberg Jr.

The USS Cowpens, which nearly collided Dec. 5 with a Chinese vessel trying to force it away from China’s new aircraft carrier.
WASHINGTON: China is hurtling headlong towards a major conflict in the Pacific – but that course can change, one of America’s most creative strategists says.

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