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Should the U.S. Leave NATO?

By Doug Bandow
Is NATO a military alliance or social club? The “North Atlantic” Treaty Organization just invited Montenegro to join. With 2,080 men under arms, Podgorica is a military nullity. Having peacefully separated from Serbia years ago, Montenegro neither threatens nor is threatened by anyone. Adding it to NATO is like accumulating Facebook Friends. They do little more than allow preening Washington officials to wander the globe gloating how popular the U.S. is.

Refugees Give Turkey Leverage With EU

<p>Migrants want in to the EU. So does Turkey.</p> Photographer: Ozan Kose/AFP/Getty Images

By Noah Feldman, Bloombergview

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has a new enemy in Russian President Vladimir Putin after Turkey shot down a Russian jet. But his new friends in the European Union more than make up for the loss. Desperate to stanch the flow of immigration, the EU has promised Turkey 3 billion euros($3.2 billion) to keep Syrian refugees there so they won’t go to Europe.

Will Turkey Be Kicked Out of NATO?



The shooting of the Russian jet fighter by the Turkish air force was, unquestionably, a provocation. So far Russia has shown restraint and has avoided escalation by not retaliating militarily. A Russian military retaliation would have allowed the use of NATO’s charter article five, which stipulates that if any member is attacked, all members are obligated to join in.

The Turkish Tail Wags the NATO Dog

ErdoganPort, cc Flickr thierry ehrmann, modified,

Geopolitical Monitor, Robert Shines
As NATO has expanded eastward towards Russia, there has been an ever-present risk that its easternmost members would adopt a significantly more hawkish policy towards Russia than its original founding members. Some have seen this in Poland, possibly using the current Ukrainian crisis (and NATO in turn) to re-establish its former preeminence in Eastern Europe under the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

Why NATO Should Dump Turkey

by Raheem Kassam, Breitbart
Turkey is not fit to be in a formal military alliance with the UK and America.
It's time to dump Turkey from NATO, and immediately suspend its accession process to the European Union (EU). There, I said it.
Some of us have been expressing deep concerns about the regress of the country of Ataturk for years, while others, including Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron and his European Parliamentary colleagueDaniel Hannan MEP, have been agitating for an immediate inclusion of Turkey into the EU. It simply cannot happen.

Europe’s unexpectedly surging love for Erdoğan

Selçuk Gültaşlı
"Why does the European Union keep so silent about Turkey, or more correctly, about President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan?" I ask my English colleague, who long served as the Brussels representative of a world-renowned, prestigious news outlet and who covered ground-breaking stories in many capitals.

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