No hegemonic peace in Cyprus

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original post date 16/04/2014
A Western-sponsored sub-regional security system can be constructed in the Eastern Mediterranean that will partner Cyprus, Israel, Turkey and Greece. Such a development would be most welcome.

Energy reserves add new twist to Cyprus talks

Semih Idiz

Turkish and Greek Cypriot leaders resumed talks on Feb. 11, in a fresh effort to try and resolve the Cyprus problem of over 50 years' standing.

Turkey-Cyprus Clash Shows Israel 'Defender of NATO'

By Ari Yashar,Reuters
A recent altercation in Cyprus has raised questions about NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) member Turkey. On Saturday, a Norwegian ship exploring for gas in the southern part of Cyprus was forced to leave the area by a Turkish warship.

Knesset to ratify Cyprus sea border agreement

The new law defines Israel's maritime Exclusive Economic Zone as stretching to a distance of 200 miles from the coast.
Yuval Yoaz

The agreement between Israel and Cyprus regarding their maritime border and Exclusive Economic Zones for offshore operations will be enshrined in Israeli law. A memorandum entitled "Maritime Zones Law" has been distributed today by the Ministry of Justice.

The Munich agreement of 1938 (unfair to the Czechs and dishonorable for the UK), East Timor and Cyprus

By George K. Papadopoulos

It is indeed a considerable shame that prime movers on the international scene dealing with the Cyprus problem, who should know better, totally ignore the lessons of Munich and East Timor.

Economic revival and bizonal - bicommunal solution to the Cyprus problem


Saturday, 23 November, 2013

Admiring Germany’s vibrant economy one tends to forget that the country became a nation just 7 years before Cyprus was ceded to the British by the Ottomans. One equally forgets the violent past of the country during the twentieth century: two defeats in two world wars that divided the country into West and East Germany for over 45 years.

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