Greece, Cyprus, and Israel Bearing Gifts

By Michael Curtis

Some developments in international affairs occasion no surprise. The announcement on January 28, 2016 by the military wing of the terrorist group Hamas, which controls the Gaza strip, that seven of its members were killed when a tunnel, which they were repairing in order to attack Israeli civilians, had collapsed reminded the world that Islamist terrorism continues. The eagerness of European countries to make business arrangements with Iran illustrates that the supposed concern for human rights and about the threat of a nuclear Iran is of small importance compared with economic opportunities.

Analysis: Using Israel's gas to cement ties

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Decades after saying that it has no natural resources, Israel is now emerging as a regional gas power, in the enviable position of having to decide what exactly to do with its natue gas.

Unpacking Russia's New National Security Strategy

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By Olga Oliker
On December 31, 2015, Russian President Vladimir Putin approved a new national security strategy for his country. The timing may be part of a new pattern: about a year ago, Russia’s new military doctrine came out--on December 25, 2014. Whether the aim is to give Russia and the world a holiday gift or to avoid notice, this practice effectively ensures that not a few Russia-watchers face a choice: to push away a celebratory beverage or two to study the new document, or to decide that strategy goes better with a little celebration.

Russia’s Moving Targets

Map of Commonwealth of Independent States, European Portion

(Kennan Institute – – Maxim Trudolyubov)

Maxim Trudolyubov is a Senior Fellow at the Kennan Institute and the Editor-at-Large of Vedomosti, an independent Russian daily

Measuring the success of Russia’s largest and most recent “cross-border” projects-Ukraine and Syria-is extremely difficult. What could be considered Russia’s ultimate goals there?

Chapter opened, now what?

Amanda Paul
On Monday Turkey's Deputy Prime Minister Mehmet Şimşek, Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu and EU Affairs Minister and chief negotiator Volkan Bozkır were in Brussels. The purpose of their visit was to open Chapter 17, Economic and Monetary Union, in Turkey's EU accession talks. This was the first chapter opened since 2013.

Love thy neighbor

BURAK BEKDİL, hurriyetdailynews

In the Mediterranean to the south, Turkey does not have diplomatic relations with European Union member Cyprus. In its east, Turkey does not have diplomatic relations with Armenia, now a reinforced Russian military base.

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