Pentagon Official Encourages Ongoing Turkish Partnership


By Amaani Lyle, American Forces Press Service
Ongoing ties with Turkey are vital to the Defense Department’s productivity and efficiency, the undersecretary of defense for acquisition, technology and logistics said here yesterday.

Here are three of Russia's military options in Ukraine, complete with maps

PRI's The World
Producer Christopher Woolf

original post date April 25, 2014 



On Thursday, Vladimir Putin accused Ukraine of “grave crimes” by assaulting pro-Russian militants. Ukraine’s Prime Minister accused Russia of preparing to invade, and of “wanting to start World War III.” Nothing is inevitable, but what military options does Russia have?

Analysis: A lopsided election victory

Egypt's Army Chief General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi meeting with Russian delegation in Cairo, Nov 14.

Ariel Ben Solomon

Even though the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist groups boycotted the referendum, such lopsided results probably resulted from an unfair vote.

Turkey sends message to West by choosing China for defense system

Neseibe Hicret Soy

Turkey's decision to award China the long-awaited tender for a long-range defense system sends a strong message to the Western bloc that Turkey has alternative partners other than NATO members, experts said.


Turkish soldiers allegedly have ‘contacts’ with Al-Nusra extremists near Syrian border.

 Turkish soldiers allegedly have ‘contacts’ with Al-Nusra extremists near Syrian border.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013 9:22



Turkish soldiers allegedly have ‘contacts’ with Al-Nusra extremists near Syrian border.(Firat).
Sources close to Kurdish Front Jabhat al-Akrad reported that a group of 20-25 people wearing Turkish military uniforms and masks entered the village of Çobanbey (across the Elbeyli district of Kilis province) on Wednesday afternoon.

Israel army doubts third intifada but on alert

 Israel army doubts third intifada but on alert

by Staff Writers
Beerotayim, Israel (AFP) May 02, 2013

General Haggai Mordechai may not believe there will be a third Palestinian intifada, but this former commander of Israeli troops in the West Bank says the security situation remains "fragile".

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