Will Turkey Be The New Hub For Gas? - Analysis

By Gulshan Dietl, IDSA 

Largely unaffected by the stagnation in most of the developed world, the Turkish economy has continued to grow and stands at $800 million today. Consequently, its demand for energy has increased and is expected to double over the next decade, according to the International Energy Agency.

The new source of power: geotechnology

Dogu Ergil

The old school dealt with power at the international level relying on the concept of geopolitics. If you had a sizable population, sufficient economic resources and the militarycapabilities, you could project your power beyond your boundaries and make lastingchanges.

Turkey seeks Israeli gas, but politics are in the way

By Reuters Nov. 3, 2013  Eran Azran

Gas pipeline project between the two countries said to be worth $3.5 billion. Turkey’s Zorlu Energy is in talks with Israeli firms over the potential for a pipeline to carry Israeli natural gas to Turkey, industry sources say, but the political rift between the two former allies is holding up progress.

Despite thaw with Baghdad, Ankara to continue relations with Iraqi Kurds

Ozgur Kucuc

Turkish leaders have reassured Iraqi Kurdish Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani that Ankara is committed to strengthening its ties with Iraqi Kurds even though a rapprochement between Ankara and Baghdad appears to be under way after a period of strained relations.

Russia demands Ukraine payment, raising fears of new gas war

Reuters, Today's Zaman

Russian gas export monopoly Gazprom demanded Ukraine pay an overdue gas bill urgently on Tuesday, raising fears of a new "gas war" and increasing pressure on Kiev as it tries to build ties with Europe.

Energy wars on Caspian basin

Joseph Hammond, Strategic Outlook

Today, many of the world’s likely flashpoints for conventional conflict between lie under water. Such disputes have prompted states to stake their claim with methods ranging from tragic -- China’s bullying of the Philippines over disputed reefs -- to the comic--- witness the Russian Federation planting a metallic flag the arctic seafloor in 2007.

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