"The Longest and Most Vicious Confrontation": An Interview

by Niram Ferretti, L'Informale (Italy)
Daniel Pipes is today one of the most alert observers of the Middle East. From the history of Medieval Islam, he has shifted to modern and contemporary Islam upon which he has concentrated a large part of his focus as a scholar and historian, as well as son of another historian, Richard Pipes, the great Harvard specialist of Soviet Russia history.

Weaponized Horror and the Constraints of Conscience

by David P. Goldman, Asia Times
Originally published under the title "To Be Kind Is To Be Cruel, To Be Cruel Is To Be Kind."

Alan Kurdi, 3, drowned last year in a failed attempt to sail from Turkey to the Greek island of Kos.
Just after the September 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center, I warned that radical Islam would horrify the West into submission. In Europe, it has taken a giant step towards success. Europe's horror at the prospect of human suffering has made it supine. Sadly, the more the Europeans indulge in their humanitarian impulses, the more Muslims will suffer. To be kind is to be cruel.

The trouble with home-grown jihadists

A sign reads 'Not even afraid', draped on the statue on Place de la Republique in Paris, France [EPA]

Agnes Poirier

After a series of attacks were carried out in Paris and outside the Stade de France in Saint-Denis on Friday night, Francois Hollande, the French president, declared to the nation: "We know who committed those crimes."

The EU’s Covert Military Satellite Program

A Soyuz ST-A rocket carrying the   Sentinel-1A satellite lifts off from Europe’s Spaceport on April 3, in Kourou, French Guiana. (JODY AMIET/AFP/Getty Images)

Original post date April 14, 2014 • From
The world’s biggest Earth-observation program gets underway in Europe.

The EU launched its Sentinel-1a satellite from French Guiana on April 3 as it began the rollout of its advanced fleet of Earth-monitoring satellites. Once the Sentinel-1a’s sister satellite, the 1b, is launched, the pair will be able to give radar images of anywhere on the Earth within three to six days.

Russia Examines Its Options for Responding to Ukraine

Geopolitical Weekly, Stratfor, By George Friedman

The fall of the Ukrainian government and its replacement with one that appears to be oriented toward the West represents a major defeat for the Russian Federation. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia accepted the reality that the former Eastern European satellite states would be absorbed into the Western economic and political systems.

Putin Triumphs in Ukraine

Andranik Migranyan, The National Interest

There is an avalanche of information demonizing both Putin and Russia and painting them as aggressors. Aside from various statements by those who apparently still live, and live happily, in the Cold War, such as Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham, Fox News analysts, and neoconservatives, there are those who offer objective and balanced analysis of events in Ukraine.

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