Italy Is the Mother of All Systemic Threats

Italy systemic threat

Italy has been in a crisis for at least eight months, though mainstream media did not recognize it until July. This crisis has nothing to do with Brexit, although opponents of Brexit will claim it does. Even if Britain had voted to stay in the EU, the Italian crisis would still have been gathering speed.

Taking Trump Seriously About NATO

Project Syndicate, Jacek Rostowski
WARSAW – A Donald Trump presidency would be a catastrophe for NATO and the West. Aside from threatening to withdraw the United States from the North American Free Trade Agreement and to start a trade war with China, Trump praises Russian President Vladimir Putin and suggests that America should not honor its commitment to defend its NATO allies unless they pay more for that protection.

Playing Defense in Europe

Project Syndicate, Mark Leonard
LONDON – The most frightening periods in history have often been interregnums – moments between the death of one king and the rise of the next. Disorder, war, and even disease can flood into the vacuum when, as Antonio Gramsci put it in his Prison Notebooks, “the old is dying and the new cannot be born.” The dislocation and confusion of 2016 do not rival the turmoil of the interwar period, when Gramsci wrote, but they are certainly symptoms of a new interregnum.

"The Longest and Most Vicious Confrontation": An Interview

by Niram Ferretti, L'Informale (Italy)
Daniel Pipes is today one of the most alert observers of the Middle East. From the history of Medieval Islam, he has shifted to modern and contemporary Islam upon which he has concentrated a large part of his focus as a scholar and historian, as well as son of another historian, Richard Pipes, the great Harvard specialist of Soviet Russia history.

Weaponized Horror and the Constraints of Conscience

by David P. Goldman, Asia Times
Originally published under the title "To Be Kind Is To Be Cruel, To Be Cruel Is To Be Kind."

Alan Kurdi, 3, drowned last year in a failed attempt to sail from Turkey to the Greek island of Kos.
Just after the September 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center, I warned that radical Islam would horrify the West into submission. In Europe, it has taken a giant step towards success. Europe's horror at the prospect of human suffering has made it supine. Sadly, the more the Europeans indulge in their humanitarian impulses, the more Muslims will suffer. To be kind is to be cruel.

The trouble with home-grown jihadists

A sign reads 'Not even afraid', draped on the statue on Place de la Republique in Paris, France [EPA]

Agnes Poirier

After a series of attacks were carried out in Paris and outside the Stade de France in Saint-Denis on Friday night, Francois Hollande, the French president, declared to the nation: "We know who committed those crimes."

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