Turkish-EU ties in the throes of a slow death

Author Semih Idiz

Ankara’s bid for EU membership used to underlie Turkey’s appeal for many of the Middle East’s progressive elements in the past. The Arab Spring enhanced Turkey’s importance as a “model country” for other Islamic countries. With the Arab Spring gone sour and the EU battling its own crises, while Turkey becomes more authoritarian under President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, these hopes have all but faded.

Shifting Attention to Mediterranean, NATO Fights Internal Dissent


BRUSSELS — NATO is discussing how to step up its response to the European migrant crisis by expanding its presence in the Mediterranean region, Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said this week. But the proposals, discussed during a meeting of the alliance’s defense ministers, are being questioned by Turkey, which says limited resources would be better used to protect member nations from more traditional threats like Russia. Turkey is also pressing for an end to the limited effort by the alliance to combat the smuggling of migrants in the Aegean Sea from Turkey to Greece.

Will NATO Really Boost Defense Spending at Warsaw?

By Dave Majumdar
Despite Washington’s pleas, America’s major European allies have time and again failed to boost their spending to the minimum two percent standard. NATO HQ, BRUSSELS & E-4B NATIONAL AIRBORNE OPERATIONS CENTER OVER THE ATLANTIC—U.S. defense officials are continuing to press their European counterparts to increase their military spending to the NATO minimum standard of two percent of gross domestic product.

Brexit Camp Is Ahead in Fifth U.K. Opinion Poll in 24 Hours

AlexJFMorales, Fabio Benedetti Valentini, FabioWire, Thomas Penny
Bookies Are Still Pretty Sure Brexit Isn’t Going to Happen
The campaign for Britain to leave the European Union led in a fifth opinion poll published over the past 24 hours, showing Prime Minister David Cameron is foundering in his efforts to persuade voters to reject a so-called Brexit. The pound fell to a two-month low.

Brexit: EU Uncertainty is the New Normal

By Maxime H.A. Larivé
Emotions have taken over facts.
The question of the Brexit referendum regarding the status of the United Kingdom’s membership in the European Union, is relevant to world affairs and reflects the general political mood in the West. On June 23rd, the British, Northern Irish, and Commonwealth citizens will be casting their votes for either leaving or staying in the EU.

Nazi gold and Turkey

 Civilian Agency Records
State Department and Foreign Affairs Records

Records of the Foreign Service Posts of the Department of State (RG 84)

Turkey began World War II bound to Great Britain and France by the military alliance of October 1939, moved to non-belligerency in June 1940 after the fall of France, and adopted a policy of "active neutrality" in the spring of 1941 after German occupation of the Balkans and the conclusion of a German-Turkish Treaty of Friendship on June 18, 1941.

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