How Merkel and Middle Eastern Migration Ensured Britain's EU Exit

by Michel Gurfinkiel
PJ Media

Originally published under the title "The Road to Brexit: How Merkel Thwarted Cameron's Smart Gamble."

Polls show mass migration was the number one concern of voters in the Brexit referendum.
There were many signposts on the road to Brexit. As early as 2001, the Swiss rejected access to the EU by an overwhelming 72.5%. Four years later, in 2005, both the French and the Dutch rejected a European constitutional treaty project in separate referendums. Polls indicated that similar referendums would have turned the same way in other places.

The Brexit and How Democracy Works in Mysterious Ways

Brexit, cc Flickr Sam, modified,

Geopolitical Monitor, Oscar-Silva Valladares
To understand dispassionately the meaning of the Brexit vote we need to consider if it was a genuinely democratic decision.

After Brexit, America Must Let Go of "More Europe"

Thomson 120 mm Platoon during fire exercise​. Wikimedia Commons/Allied Joint Force Command Brunssum
Time to consolidate U.S. gains.
John Van Oudenaren

The British electorate’s stunning vote to leave the European Union has been followed by predictions in the United States about the dire consequences of this choice. The fate of the global economy and peace itself are said to be at risk, along with the ability of the United States to deal with Russia, Islamic terrorism and other problems while undercut by a weakened EU and a UK turned inward as it undergoes a decade-long process of unwinding its European ties.

Erdogan gloats over Brexit

Author Semih Idiz

Its long-term implications aside, Britain’s vote to leave the EU will have little immediate impact on Turkish-EU ties, which were on a downward spiral anyway before this referendum.

Brexit – a view from Russia


Interview with prominent Russian geopolitician Alexander Dugin

– The main question is “what’s next”?

Dugin (D): The UK’s withdrawal from the European Union is an event of colossal importance. The whole architecture of the world is changing, because it is not just one of the European countries, it is one of the poles of European civilization. And if England says that it is out of Europe, out of the EU, that means that the EU’s value changes. The most important thing is that no one will allow a Europe without Britain. We can say that it is the end of the civilizational space.

Brexit has made Turkey more important to the West

The Brexit campaign made a big issue about the unlikely scenario of a Turkey imminently joining the EU and 80 million Turks suddenly migrating to their island. At least some of the “leave” votes on Thursday must have been cast due to that fear. And paradoxically, Brexit made Turkey more important. Why? Because it has destabilized post-1945 Europe, and I think Turkey could help re-stabilize it. Let me elaborate.

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