International Crises

Was Assad alone in committing the massacres?


The Syrian crisis began with massacres perpetrated by the Baath regime at the beginning of 2011. The photographs of executions, massacres and torture that emerged on January the 20th provide evidence only for a small part of all the crimes the Assad regime committed in the last three years.

The Geopolitics of the Syrian Civil War

Geopolitical Weekly,Stratfor
By Reva Bhalla

International diplomats will gather Jan. 22 in the Swiss town of Montreux to hammer out a settlement designed to end Syria's three-year civil war. The conference, however, will be far removed from the reality on the Syrian battleground.

The top global risks in 2014


CROSS CURRENTS, Author: Kim Cloete|

Potential powder kegs: Fiscal crises and youth unemployment.

Untenable debt burdens, snowballing youth unemployment and water crises rank as leading concerns for global experts.
The World Economic Forum released its ‘Global Risks 2014’ report after surveying 700 people, including top business leaders. It assessed 31 risks, but the following risks emerge as urgent threats for many people across the world in 2014:

U.S. Considers Resuming Nonlethal Aid to Syrian Opposition


The Obama administration is considering the resumption of nonlethal military aid to Syria’s moderate opposition, senior administration officials said on Thursday, even if some of it ends up going to the Islamist groups that are allied with the moderates.

2013 put in perspective: Turkey dragged further into Syrian crisis

Sinem Cengiz

The Syrian crisis dominated Turkish foreign policy throughout the year, as it had in the previous two years, becoming a serious ordeal for Ankara, whose patience was tested by several incidents occurring along the Syria-Turkey border in 2013.

Qatar resets its Syria policy

Ali Hashem

BEIRUT — When the Free Syrian Army (FSA) first came to light more than two years ago, the main financial backers and supporters were Qatar and Turkey — both countries that were leading efforts to topple Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his regime.

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