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Assad forces re-claim key border town with Hezbollah's help

Syria divided: Who controls what in war-torn country? (Photo: Reuters)

Syria said its military seized a key town that served as a rebel supply hub on the Lebanese border on Sunday after a months-long army offensive. Activists said fighting was still ongoing but the government was in effective control of much of Yabroud, thanks to Hezbollah's assistance.

Obama Revisits Military Option on Syria

By Melkulangara BHADRAKUMAR,  "Information Clearing House - "SCF" 

The United States’ narrative on Syria dramatically changed during the past fortnight. President Barack Obama has publicly discussed the military option on Syria.

Syria: The Wages of Inaction

Julie Lenarz, Michael Miner, The National Interest

The unrest in Syria has quickly spiraled beyond a sectarian civil war and into a regional crisis. Two million refugees have poured into Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, and Turkey at a rate surpassing several thousand a day, with more than 6.5 million displaced overall. Iran and Saudi Arabia are doing battle through proxy forces.

US reviews its Syrian policy vector - experts



Three events occurred earlier this week that may prove to be closely interrelated. On Tuesday, US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul announced his resignation. On Wednesday, as AP reported, US Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford notified his friends and colleagues of plans to retire.

OBAMA'S MIDDLE EAST RECESSIONAL Part 2: Syria Policy, Up Close and Ugly

Let’s turn now to a few of the discrete decision points enumerated above, and try to make our way through the policy thickets. Despite the interconnectedness of much of the portfolio, we’re going to take the topics one by one, and do our knitting as the need arises.

The Kurds’ schizophrenic week


It has been a schizophrenic week for Syrian Kurds. The very day after they declared autonomy in Rojava, the Kurdish area in northern Syria, they were excluded from the discussions on Syria’s future at the Geneva conference.

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