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Syrian troops could be used to help fight Isis, France's foreign minister says


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Troops loyal to Bashar al-Assad could be used to fight Islamic State, but only in the framework of a political transition without the Syrian president, France’s foreign minister has said. The remarks by Laurent Fabius underscore the deep faultline between the west and Russia as François Hollande, the French president, seeks to forge a common front against Isis after the atrocities in Paris that killed 130 people.

NATO, Turkey, annexation of north Syria like north Cyprus?


Christina Lin

On Tuesday 24 November Turkey shot down a Russian fighter jet near the Syrian border, and yet again called for another NATO emergency meeting to obtain statements of solidarity with Turkey.

Chest-thumping pundits relish 'messing with Putin'

Author Pinar Tremblay

On Nov. 24, Turkey shot down a Russian Su-24 fighter jet. Across Turkey, the instantaneous reactions on social media included the exuberant, the sober yet accusatory and the satirical.

Few will believe Russia’s ‘proof’ that its jet was in Syrian airspace

Keir Giles
Vladimir Putin has called the shooting down of a Russian jet by Turkey “a stab in the back”, and warned of “serious consequences”. His emotional response was in sharp contrast to earlier, more measured statements from Moscow, calling for patience while the details of what happened became clear. The Russian president’s angry personal involvement is alarming, as it could lead to dangerous and harmful Russian responses regardless of the rights or wrongs of the incident.

NATO is harbouring the Islamic State

By Nafeez Ahmed
This exclusive is published by INSURGE INTELLIGENCE, a crowd-funded investigative journalism project
“We stand alongside Turkey in its efforts in protecting its national security and fighting against terrorism. France and Turkey are on the same side within the framework of the international coalition against the terrorist group ISIS.”
Statement by French Foreign Ministry, July 2015

Is defeating the Islamic State impossible?

Author Ali Hashem
While working on a documentary about Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, I had the chance to meet Abu Omar, a former IS operative who was once an inmate in the infamous Camp Bucca facility that brought together all those who later became the ruling elite of the most notorious terrorist group in modern history.

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