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The Annexation of Crimea: International Ramifications

INSS Insight No. 532,  Zvi Magen, Pnina Sharvit Baruch, Olena Bagno-Moldavsky

In a series of rather rapid moves, Russia, ignoring international criticism, annexed the Crimean Peninsula. In the immediate background to the annexation are more than three months of violent protests in Ukraine, which ended on February 21, 2014 with a coup and the flight of President Yanukovich, and with the establishment of a transitional government that will be in effect until elections in May.

The international law basis behind China's claims

Andy Ho, The Straits Times



Territorial disputes in the South China Sea have long been regarded as one of Asia's potential flashpoints. The main claimants of the four large island groups in the area are China, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Turkey-Cyprus Clash Shows Israel 'Defender of NATO'

By Ari Yashar,Reuters
A recent altercation in Cyprus has raised questions about NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) member Turkey. On Saturday, a Norwegian ship exploring for gas in the southern part of Cyprus was forced to leave the area by a Turkish warship.

Russia starts pumping oil at Arctic rig raided by Greenpeace

by Staff Writers Moscow (AFP) 


Russia's state-held energy giant Gazprom said Friday it had launched production at an Arctic oil rig raided in September by 30 Greenpeace activists whom the authorities later detained for two months.


Knesset to ratify Cyprus sea border agreement

The new law defines Israel's maritime Exclusive Economic Zone as stretching to a distance of 200 miles from the coast.
Yuval Yoaz

The agreement between Israel and Cyprus regarding their maritime border and Exclusive Economic Zones for offshore operations will be enshrined in Israeli law. A memorandum entitled "Maritime Zones Law" has been distributed today by the Ministry of Justice.

Erdogan Statements Destabilize The Eastern Mediterranean


Members of the Coordinated Effort of Hellenes informed key Washington policymakers of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s recent dangerous statements and their consequences. CEH leaders explained how Erdogan’s statements have injured the interests of the United States, Israel and the stability of the Eastern Mediterranean.

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