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‘Incursion’: Baghdad demands Turkey withdraw ‘training’ troops from northern Iraq

Turkish soldiers © Sertac Kayar

The Iraqi government has demanded that Ankara withdraw the more than 100 Turkish forces that entered Iraq with tanks and artillery for alleged “training” of troops near Islamic State-occupied Mosul. Baghdad stressed the unsanctioned move was a breach of its sovereignty.

Reassessing the Prospects for Overcoming the Cyprus Divide

By Andreas Theophanous

There is no doubt that following the rise of Mustafa Akıncı to become the Turkish Cypriot leader this April, there have been high expectations for a resolution to the Cyprus problem. Nevertheless, it is important to be pragmatic and not underestimate the difficulties. For a real resolution, it is essential to achieve consensus on several major aspects of the problem.

A Cyprus deal supervised by the Turkish army


By Dr Aris Petasis
The other day US Assistant Secretary of State explained to us that the deal over Cyprus will come from Cypriots for Cypriots avoiding carefully to tell us that this process is supervised by 40,000 plus Turkish occupation troops.

Turkey Needs to Practice in Turkey What It Preaches in Cyprus

by Kyriacos Kyriakides


Turkey has claimed all along that it stays in Cyprus to "protect" the Turkish Cypriot minority. Since Turkey has "protected" them, almost half of Turkish Cypriots have abandoned Cyprus. They have been conveniently replaced by Anatolian Turks whose Islamic orientation and ethos could not be more foreign to Cyprus.


Fake States and Real Problems

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There are many more countries in the world than the two to three hundred generally recognised. There are countries which are only recognised by a few others, and thus do not have seats at the UN: Northern Cyprus, Abkhazia, Nagorno-Karabakh, Tibet etcetera.


Turkey urges Russia to drop Montreux off the agenda


Consecutive statements from top Russian officials blaming Turkey for the violation of the sensitive Montreux Convention by NATO countries amid an ongoing crisis overUkraine have seriously disturbed the Turkish government.

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