Israel's Ties With Greece No Substitute For Alliance With Turkey

Arad Nir

Years ago, I was a guest for a few months in the home of a Jewish family in Pennsylvania in the United States. The family members maintained a basic connection with Israel and Judaism, and occasionally would attend services at a Reform temple.

The east Mediterranean gas dilemma

Amanda Paul

With Europe still on the hunt for new gas sources to further reduce its dependence on Russia, gas discovered around Israel and Cyprus could potentially end up in Europe. There remains a small problem, however: how to get it there.

Interview With George Soros: 'Greece Can Never Pay Back Its Debt'‏


By Gregor Peter Schmitz in Brussels

Should Greece have a large part of its debt waived? Absolutely, says George Soros, otherwise the country will never recover. The billionaire investor also warns about the rise of extremist parties if Germany does not change its policies towards Europe.

Glass just half-full in Erdoğan’s reform plan


Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan has divided his much-awaited “democratization” package into two: the steps which need changes in the current legislation through Parliament and those which need only a Cabinet decree or even a letter by a minister to be put into effect.

A Mediterranean League?

 A Mediterranean League?

Posted By David Solway On April 14, 2013 

Three democracies in the Eastern Mediterranean have come under pressure from an increasingly aggressive Turkey aiming to expand and consolidate its regional influence. Distinguished by their Western affiliations in an explosive part of the Islamic world and by a geographic proximity that may constitute an eventual advantage, these three countries are Israel, Greece, and the Republic of Cyprus.

Cyprus, Greece and Israel Sign Energy Accord

 Cyprus, Greece and Israel Sign Energy Accord

The countries also expressed support for a private project that will link them with an electricity cable.
By Arutz Sheva
First Publish: 8/8/2013

Silvan Shalom
Silvan Shalom

Cyprus, Greece and Israel signed a deal on Thursday to cooperate over energy and aiming at securing Europe's energy supply.

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