Active Israeli Policy in the Mediterranean Basin

Oded Eran
Recent years have witnessed a notable improvement in Israel’s strategic, military, political – and soon, perhaps, economic as well – balance. Partly the result of careful planning, this trend is also due to regional developments that have led Israel’s neighbors to believe that Israel has the ability to promote their interests. Geographically, the new strategic arc spans Egypt in the south to Greece in the northwest.

2+2 reasons for Sissi’s visit to Athens


By Spiros Sideris
With a rich agenda arrives in Athens the President of Egypt Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, in what will be his first visit to Greece, to participate on Tuesday and Wednesday in the third trilateral summit between Greece, Cyprus and Egypt.

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No hegemonic peace in Cyprus

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original post date 16/04/2014
A Western-sponsored sub-regional security system can be constructed in the Eastern Mediterranean that will partner Cyprus, Israel, Turkey and Greece. Such a development would be most welcome.

Economic Health: Has Greece Turned a Corner?

 Photo Gallery: Greece Pursues Reform

By Christoph Pauly, Gregor Peter Schmitz and Christoph Schult

Greece, which took over the European Council presidency on Jan. 1, claims it is returning to economic health and is even expecting modest growth this year. But a closer look raises doubts.
Perhaps it is just a meaningless detail resulting from the inauguration of a new government in Berlin. Hans-Joachim Fuchtel, the Berlin official in charge of aid to Greece, has been moved to a new office in the Development Ministry -- just down the hall from offices dedicated to Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The beginnings of new geopolitics

The beginnings of new geopolitics <br><i>by</i> <b> Artur Zheji*</b>

by Artur Zheji  TIRANA

Earlier this year, when I interviewed extremist Greek MP, Christos Pappas, I already knew that a harsh and angry debate would follow and last for months, just like it did, due to the explosive words he uttered in front of the camera.

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