China, Koreas in modern conflict over ancient kingdom

by Staff Writers Jian, China (AFP)

Centuries ago Kwanggaet'o the Great ruled over a mighty empire stretching from south of Seoul deep into Manchuria in China's northeast, but his Koguryo dynasty is now at the centre of a historical tug-of-war.

Why Chinese Study the Warring States Period

By J. M. Norton

The Warring States Era is a fascinating period in Chinese history. Although scholars debate the exact start date and duration of the era, the general consensus is that the period spanned from around 475 BC to 221 BC. Put simply, the era consisted of interstate conflict in which the leaders of independent states (and sub-states) vied for hegemony. The leaders engaged in a series of conquests and annexations, power and territorial consolidations, and shifting alliances. The competition resulted in the emergence of several dominant states. And these states continued competing for power in the interstate system until the leader of the Qin state, Qin Shihuangdi, prevailed as the dominant ruler.
Emperor Qin asserted supremacy and unified the states under one rule. He achieved this goal through the use of military force. He then established a complex bureaucracy in order to better unify and administer the previously fragmented state system.

The Munich agreement of 1938 (unfair to the Czechs and dishonorable for the UK), East Timor and Cyprus

By George K. Papadopoulos

It is indeed a considerable shame that prime movers on the international scene dealing with the Cyprus problem, who should know better, totally ignore the lessons of Munich and East Timor.

World War I once more?‏

By Martin Hutchinson
In early August next year, it will have been 100 years since investors suffered a very nasty shock indeed, when the London and New York stock markets closed for some five months and many international bonds previously thought to be high-grade proved worthless. It should be remembered: for the average investor, World War I, the cause of this disruption, blew up very quickly out of a clear blue sky.

The weak alliance Op-ed: History of Israel-France ties teaches us that yesterday's allies may become today's rivals

By Shimon Shiffer

What is perceived here as a renewed "honeymoon," a return to the relations which prevailed between France and Israel in the mid 1960s, may disappoint those who raised the level of expectations to new heights.

How a war game brought the world to the brink of nuclear disaster

Margaret Thatcher

Prime minister Margaret Thatcher was alarmed by intelligence reports about the Soviet Union's reaction. Photograph: Jockel Fink/AP

Jamie Doward * The Observer, 

Former classified documents show how close the Soviet Union came to launching an attack in 1983.

Chilling new evidence that Britain and America came close to provoking the Soviet Union into launching a nuclear attack has emerged in former classified documents written at the height of the cold war.

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