Islamic State Dominates the Digital Battlefield

Farah Pandith

In the first 24 hours following the terrorist attacks on Paris, there were hundreds of thousands of celebratory tweets from supporters of Islamic State. Some 46,000 Twitter accounts send out a steady stream of photo essays, audio, video, news bulletins and theological writings on behalf of IS.

The unbearable heaviness of being ‘principled’


It makes you win. And it makes you lose. It is the same “principled” stance on foreign policy.

Turkeys desire for the Bomb?

Ankara ‘adds’ uranium clause in nuclear deal with Tokyo - ENERGY

Ankara demanded allowance for uranium enrichment and plutonium extraction in a nuclear export deal inked with Tokyo, a Japanese daily quoted as a Japanese Foreign Ministry official as saying.

Super-cyber Turkey in Syberia

Jamie Shia, NATO’s deputy assistant secretary general for emerging security challenges, once said: “One hundred twenty countries currently have or are developing offensive cyber-attack capabilities which are now viewed as the fifth dimension of warfare after space, sea, land and space.”

Israel's military revolution


Reuven Pedatzur
One of my earlier articles for Al-Monitor, published in May 2013, featured extensive quotes from a retired Israeli general who raised a few questions: Why do the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) need so many armed divisions? Why is there a need for hundreds of fighter aircraft?

The future of war: You better be ready to fight like it's a pre-electronic age


By Capt. Jesse Sloman, USMCR
The best way to predict the future of warfare is to look to its past.
Major battles in the 21st century will be confusing and disorganized affairs more similar to the clashes of a pre-digital age than the ʽnetwork-centric' combat we've become accustomed to.

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