Egypt tries to woo South Sudan in Nile water dispute

Ayah Aman

CAIRO — Egypt is continuing to develop relations with South Sudan in an effort to protect Egyptian water interests within its borders, through which the White Nile flows. This comes at a time when the dispute between Cairo and Addis Ababa over the Nile's waters is escalating.

The top global risks in 2014


CROSS CURRENTS, Author: Kim Cloete|

Potential powder kegs: Fiscal crises and youth unemployment.

Untenable debt burdens, snowballing youth unemployment and water crises rank as leading concerns for global experts.
The World Economic Forum released its ‘Global Risks 2014’ report after surveying 700 people, including top business leaders. It assessed 31 risks, but the following risks emerge as urgent threats for many people across the world in 2014:

Climate Summit Trap: Capitalism's March toward Global Collapse‏

An Essay by Harald Welzer

The Warsaw conference demonstrated that the "climate summit" model is broken and, more importantly, that capitalism itself is driving us to the brink. Protests are not the solution -- it's time to fight the system using its own weapons.

Blue peace in the Middle East

Yasar Yakis

While the Middle East is going through one of the most turbulent periods in its history, there are also track two initiatives to promote closer cooperation between regional countries. Last week there was a meeting of such an initiative in the Jordanian capital of Amman.

Sudan Shifts Alliance From Egypt To Ethiopia Over Nile Dispute

Alden Young

Since 1959, Sudanese politicians have sided with Egypt when negotiating with other African countries about Nile water rights. Similarly, Sudanese politicians based in Khartoum have looked north and east to their Arab neighbors for political, cultural, military and financial support.

Paraguay upset over Argentine nuclear plant near border

 Paraguay upset over Argentine nuclear plant near border

Staff Writers Asuncion, Paraguay Jul 23, 2013

Argentina has upset landlocked Paraguay with its plan to build a nuclear power reactor near their common border without formal consultations.

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