Netanyahu and Obama: Not all is forgotten

 Seven years of conflict cannot be erased by reciting the texts dictated to Netanyahu by the American president's advisors (Photo: EPA)

Shimon Shiffer
Analysis: Monday's White House meeting marks the beginning of the Israeli prime minister's probation period. The Americans will now follow him closely to ensure that he does not violate any of his renewed declarations-promises.

Erdogan and Turkey’s morning after


Hopes that the re-empowered Erdogan will mend walls with Israel are based on the shaky assumption that he will place the national interest above all.
He is back.

Netanyahu’s trip

 Netanyahu Obama

"Much more unites Israelis and Americans than divides them."
Much has changed since Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s last visit to Washington.

A meeting of interests at the White House

 The hope for peace is dead, but the American pocket remains open. Netanyahu and Obama (Photo: Amos Ben Gerhom, GPO)

Orly Azoulay
Analysis: While Netanyahu wishes to add to his album a smiling picture with Obama to prove to his critics that he did not destroy Israel-US relations, the American president would like to show that his deep commitment to Israel does not depend on the prime minister's whims.

How the Islamic State is looking to capitalize on Israeli-Palestinian unrest

Author Adnan Abu Amer
It appears the Islamic State (IS) is trying to take advantage of the popular uprising against Israel to woo more Palestinians to join its ranks. In a video released Oct. 23, IS warned it would soon be “beheading the Jews." IS is showing interest in entering the Palestinian scene and has called on Palestinians to carry out more stabbings against Israelis. IS seems to be targeting Palestinians who feel Hamas is not acting aggressively enough.

Is Israel headed to a civil war?

Author Uri Savir
For many years, the supporters in Israel of a two-state solution have warned that the alternative would be a binational state.

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