An Israeli Gas Pipeline to Turkey? Bad Idea


News that the Turkish and Israeli governments are about to renew full diplomatic relations after years of tensions causes me to smile cynically — and to worry again about Israeli gullibility.

Israel is the winner in the reconciliation with Turkey

By M.K. Bhadrakumar
Almost seven years have passed since the famous scene at Davos in January 2009 when Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan insulted his Israeli counterpart Shimon Peres during a debate on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum and stormed out of a public platform to become an instantaneous hero on the ‘Arab Street’. What has happened now for Turkey and Israel to make up unceremoniously without any foreplay?

Is PA on verge of collapse?

Author Adnan Abu Amer
Security and military measures by the Israeli authorities have been ongoing in the West Bank since Oct. 1. Palestinians are being arrested, cities are being dismembered and homes demolished in an attempt to stop the unrest.

Will Israel's military intervene in the West Bank?

Author Adnan Abu Amer
Though the idea lacks broad support, some Israeli politicians and military leaders have publicly discussed the possibility of launching an "Operation Defensive Shield 2" to deal with ongoing Palestinian attacks. Despite the Israeli military's attempts to limit or prevent them, the attacks on settlers have continued since Oct. 1.

Active Israeli Policy in the Mediterranean Basin

Oded Eran
Recent years have witnessed a notable improvement in Israel’s strategic, military, political – and soon, perhaps, economic as well – balance. Partly the result of careful planning, this trend is also due to regional developments that have led Israel’s neighbors to believe that Israel has the ability to promote their interests. Geographically, the new strategic arc spans Egypt in the south to Greece in the northwest.

Will Israel, Russia tighten coordination on Syria?

Author Ben Caspit
“We [Israel] conduct occasional operations in Syria in order to prevent it from becoming a front against us … and to thwart the transfer of lethal weapons, particularly from Syria to Lebanon,” said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at a public event in Acre on the afternoon of Dec. 1. It was the first time that any official Israeli source, and the prime minister no less, publicly admitted that Israel was militarily active in Syrian territory.

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