Will Israeli Palestinians join their West Bank brethren?


Author Uri Savir

Arab-Jewish relations within sovereign Israel have reached an unprecedented crisis. Discrimination against Arabs and the lack of any hope for a two-state solution have pushed Arab-Israelis into the arms of their brethren east of the Green Line, fighting for independence. In some ways, this could provoke a return to the pre-Israeli statehood situation.

The Gentiles Who Act Like Jews

Who are these non-Jews practicing Orthodox Judaism?
By Ilana E. Strauss
A man with a brambly salt-and-pepper beard, a kippah on his head, and circular glasses balanced on his nose stood behind a podium, lecturing on the parasha, the weekly Torah reading, in a southern twang. He was not a rabbi. He wasn’t even Jewish.

Analysis: Using Israel's gas to cement ties

israel cyprus greece

Decades after saying that it has no natural resources, Israel is now emerging as a regional gas power, in the enviable position of having to decide what exactly to do with its natue gas.

Ya'alon: ISIS has 'enjoyed Turkish money for oil' for a long time

hamas turkey

Turkey should cease any relationship with Hamas, official and , official and unofficial, and close down the terrorist organizations operating inside the country if it wants to normalize ties with Jerusalem, Israel’s envoy to Athens said in an interview published in Greece this week.

Turkish-Israeli normalization no longer a bilateral affair

Suat Kınıklıoğlu

The mere rumor of Turkish-Israeli normalization has been enough to excite many in the region.
This time, the process is truly under the radar as we have encountered rather limited information about any developments. In fact, the fundamentals of the diplomatic normalization between the two parties were pretty much agreed on some time ago.

Beware of Hezbollah, prepare for Hamas

 A Hamas tunnel that ran from the Gaza Strip to Israel during Operation Protective Edge (Photo: Reuters)

Alex Fishman
Op-ed: The real story of the current wave is the reawakening of Hamas' terrorist infrastructure in the West Bank to carry out attacks within the Green Line. The group feels that it has reached a sufficient level of preparedness to get through another war with Israel.

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