Davutoğlu got the good news at a tense time

MURAT YETKİN, hurriyetdailynews
Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu had been waiting for days for this good news from the European Union about visa-free travel for Turkish citizens.

It came as part of the broader immigration deal with Brussels, but it was Davutoğlu’s idea to bring it forward to June, rather than October, that would make it his success.

European commission urges EU backing for visa-free travel for Turks

Agencies in Brussels, theguardian
The European commission has urged EU member states and MEPs to back visa-free travel for Turkish nationals, one of the terms of a deal on refugees struck between the Brussels and Ankara in March.

Syria’s peace talks begin to look like a cover for more war

Ian Black Middle East editor
Bombs hitting hospitals, doctors and rescue workers killed, civilians starving, scores of dead and injured every day – the raw, bleeding statistics of Syria’s unending war are making a nonsense of an already fragile truce and destroying the slim hopes that peace talks can even carry on.

Syrian opposition postpones participation in peace talks

Ian Black in Geneva
UN-sponsored Syrian peace talks are facing a new crisis after opposition negotiators decided to delay their participation in the formal process until officials representing President Bashar al-Assad start to discuss the creation of a transitional government in Damascus – which they have so far refused to do.

Cyprus peace deal could come this year, confirm Turkey and US

Agence France-Presse
Turkey and the US have agreed that a political settlement may be possible this year in Cyprus, the Mediterranean island divided for four decades.

Saudi Arabia to host latest round of talks aimed at Syrian unity

Ian Black, theguardian
Efforts to persuade Syrian rebel groups to unite are moving to Saudi Arabia ahead of a tight deadline for convening talks with Bashar al-Assad and maintaining the momentum of international diplomacy to end the war.

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