International Relations

Obama in Arabia

Project Syndicate, Bernard Haykel
PRINCETON – US President Barack Obama’s visit to Saudi Arabia this week, to attend the summit of the Gulf Cooperation Council, comes at a time when relations between the two countries have rarely been worse. And yet, however negatively most Americans view Saudi Arabia, the country remains an important regional ally. Obama would be wise to mend the bilateral relationship.

Putin Triumphs in Ukraine

Andranik Migranyan, The National Interest

There is an avalanche of information demonizing both Putin and Russia and painting them as aggressors. Aside from various statements by those who apparently still live, and live happily, in the Cold War, such as Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham, Fox News analysts, and neoconservatives, there are those who offer objective and balanced analysis of events in Ukraine.

Pro-AKP media accuses Israel of role in Turkish corruption scandal

Semih Idiz

The easiest way in Turkey to get out of a difficult political corner, especially if you have Islamist leanings, is to point at Israel as the country orchestrating developments you don’t like. This is not to naively suggest that Israel does not interfere in the affairs of other countries in an effort to arrange things to its advantage.

Gap between Gulf, United States grows

Saudi Arabia’s recent row with US underscores deeper trust issues. The Middle East’s Gulf States are nervously weighing their options as America makes strong diplomatic overtures towardIran and Syria. Their concern comes after frustration with American policy boiled over into open confrontation with Saudi Arabia.

Turkey-Georgia to keep good relations under Margvelashvili presidency

Turkey, Georgia to keep good relations under Margvelashvili presidency

Georgian President-elect Georgy Margvelashvili (R) and Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili attend a news conference in Tbilisi on Monday. (Photo: Reuters)

Irem Karakaya

The presidential elections held on Sunday in Georgia, a neighboring country to the northeast of Turkey, will make barely any change to the country's relations with Turkey, as the two already enjoy positive relations that are unlikely to be affected by such political changes, experts say.

Turkey Aids Iran Through Gold Trade

Turkey Aids Iran Through Gold Trade

Dorian Jones
January 24, 2013
ISTANBUL — Banks in Turkey continue to send gold to Iran despite U.S. pressure to curb a booming gold-for-gas trade, which helps Iran skirt international sanctions.

This month, Turkish customs grounded a Turkish cargo plane en route from Ghana to Iran that was reportedly carrying a ton-and-a-half of gold.

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