Italy Is the Mother of All Systemic Threats

Italy systemic threat

Italy has been in a crisis for at least eight months, though mainstream media did not recognize it until July. This crisis has nothing to do with Brexit, although opponents of Brexit will claim it does. Even if Britain had voted to stay in the EU, the Italian crisis would still have been gathering speed.

Global Growth – Still Made in China

Project Syndicate, Stephen Roach
NEW HAVEN – Despite all the hand-wringing over the vaunted China slowdown, the Chinese economy remains the single largest contributor to world GDP growth. For a global economy limping along at stall speed – and most likely unable to withstand a significant shock without toppling into renewed recession – that contribution is all the more important.

America Pivots to Asia; Europe Arms It

America Pivots to Asia; Europe Arms It

August 16, 2013
By Robbin F. Laird

Visitors walk past a miniature model of the Airbus A330 MRTT during the IDEX at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre

European firms are providing their Asian customers with some core capabilities.

A neglected aspect of the analysis of the evolution of Asian defense and security is the contribution of the European defense industry. Major players in Europe (and in the United States) are seeking global markets to remain viable and to evolve over time. Defense and security is not a static business; it is highly competitive and modernization is always a key element of the equation. Global customers are a crucial element for U.S. or European defense firms to remain on the cutting edge and to be viable in challenging economic conditions.

Turkey sees promise in pivoting north

Turkey sees promise in pivoting north

Christian Science Monitor, 6 January 2013

Its protracted bid to join the European Union remains stalled and its "zero problems" policy in theMiddle East is cracking over support for Syria's opposition. But one foreign policy front retains promise for Turkey: the Black Sea.

Turkey seeks trade in national currencies with Russia, China, Iran: Erdogan

Russia, China, Iran Erdogan

Turkey is seeking to conduct trade with Russia, China and Iran in national currencies, announced Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on Saturday.
Speaking at the opening ceremony of a shopping mall in Istanbul, Erdoğan said that he had proposed to Russian President Vladimir Putin to conduct trade between the two countries with local currencies, reported.

Egypt resorts to drastic proposals to solve dollar crisis

Author Mohamed Saied
The Egyptian economy has been suffering since the January 25 Revolution in 2011, in light of the US dollar supply shortage, which is controlling the Egyptian import market. Last year, Egypt's imports amounted to about $65 billion, underscoring its demand on foreign currency.

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