How Vladimir Putin Became Evil


The US and UK condemn him for Crimea but supported him over the war in Chechnya. Why? Because now he refuses to play ball

By Tariq Ali, "Information Clearing House - "The Guardian"-

Once again, it seems that Russia and the United States are finding it difficult to agree on how to deal with their respective ambitions. This clash of interests is highlighted by the Ukrainian crisis.

Russia Examines Its Options for Responding to Ukraine

Geopolitical Weekly, Stratfor, By George Friedman

The fall of the Ukrainian government and its replacement with one that appears to be oriented toward the West represents a major defeat for the Russian Federation. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia accepted the reality that the former Eastern European satellite states would be absorbed into the Western economic and political systems.

Putin Triumphs in Ukraine

Andranik Migranyan, The National Interest

There is an avalanche of information demonizing both Putin and Russia and painting them as aggressors. Aside from various statements by those who apparently still live, and live happily, in the Cold War, such as Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham, Fox News analysts, and neoconservatives, there are those who offer objective and balanced analysis of events in Ukraine.

The Paris chance for Turkey’s Syria policy revision

 The Paris chance for Turkey’s Syria policy revision



U.S .Secretary of State John Kerry is expected to brief his allies in the Syria conflict on Sept. 16 in Paris on the agreement he reached with the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Sept. 14 over the handover and control of the chemical weapons.

A new role for Russia in the Middle East

Russia's new Middle Eastern role

Middle East
Jun 10, '13
By Spengler

Russia has thrown a monkey wrench into Western plans for Syria by promising to deliver its top-of-the-line S300 surface-to-air missile system to the Bashar al-Assad government. Exactly when the missiles might arrive remains unclear; the last word from Moscow is that the missiles are not yet in place, which means the matter is up for bargaining.

The Ankara-Tehran-Moscow Coalition

By Pepe Escobar

"Information Clearing House" - "RT" - So Turkish President, a.k.a. Sultan Recep Tayyip Erdogan is about to make a high-profile visit to Tehran – the date has not yet been set - to essentially kick start the ATM (Ankara-Tehran-Moscow) coalition in Syria.

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