The new member of the Customs Union: Kyrgyzstan

Hasan Kanbolat

Kyrgyzstan is preparing to join the Russia-led Customs Union in early 2014. Armenia announced it will join the Customs Union as well.The European Union saw Kyrgyzstan's choice to participate as normal, while it expressed concern over Armenia's decision as it sees the country as a natural part of the EU.

US soon to overtake Russia as top oil producer

US soon to overtake Russia as top oil producer

Pump jacks are seen in the Midway Sunset Oilfield in California in this April 29 file photo. (Photo: Lucy Nicholson, Reuters)

Reuters, Today's Zaman

The United States will become the world's largest oil producer next year - overtaking Russia - thanks to its shale oil boom which has transformed the global energy landscape, the West's energy watchdog said on Friday.

The Middle East: Still Not Russian

Brent E. Sasley,The National Interest

Professors Tom Nichols and John Schindler have responded to my critique of their contention that Russia is now a “peer” to the United States when it comes to influence in the Middle East, and that, indeed, Washington has “outsourced” the management of regional security to Moscow.


Putin's Russia: Political Theater at Valdai

Anatol Lieven,The National Interest

A Russian participant in this year’s Valdai Club conference in Russia, Boris Mezhuyev, wrote in Izvestia that: “I must admit that, until then, I had never chanced to be present during the performance of such a brilliantly enacted political play. Compared to the 2013 Valdai forum, the United Russia congress of 24 September 2011 looked like a vaudeville in a provincial theater compared with a show by Meyerhold.”

Shootout at the APEC free-trade corral

By Pepe Escobar 

What a photo - yet another instance of Bali working its magic. Chinese President Xi Jinping leads a "Happy Birthday" for Russian President Vladimir Putin, with Indonesian President Susilo Yudhoyono on acoustic guitar. You know who is not in the picture - he's in shutdown containment mode.

Yeltsin's Attack, America's Tolerance

Paul J. Saunders, The National Interest

In the midst of a significant American political crisis, it is easy to forget that twenty years ago this week, Russia’s former president Boris Yeltsin shelled Moscow’s White House—where the country’s parliament met at that time—in a considerably more dramatic and probably more consequential executive-legislative conflict than today’s in Washington. Yet Americans would do well to remember the events that led to the October 1993 crisis.

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