The NATO World Order, The Balkans And The Russian National Interest

Source: In Serbia

This article investigates the Russian foreign politics at the region of the South-East Europe after the dissolution of the Soviet Union in the time of the NATO World Order in relation to the Pan-Slavic ideals of intra-Slavic solidarity, reciprocity and brotherhood.


Yanukovych's Survival Strategy

John Herbst, The National Interest

President Yanukovych returned from Moscow on December 17th with an early Christmas present: an outwardly generous deal that would drop the price of Russian gas to Ukraine by one-third in 2014 and would provide up to $15 billion in Russian purchases of Ukrainian bonds. It was Yanukovych’s first good day since the protests began in late-November against his decision to curtail the negotiations with the European Union on an association agreement.

The Volgograd Attacks: Taking the Long View

Nikolas K. Gvosdev, The National Interest

So far, there have been no follow-ups to the terrorist attacks in Volgograd. (Reports of an explosive device being hurled at police in a Moscow suburb which killed one officer and severely injured another are not, at present, being considered as signs of an ongoing terrorist campaign.)

All in play in the New Great Game

By Pepe Escobar

The big story of 2014 will be Iran. Of course, the big story of the early 21st century will never stop being US-China, but it's in 2014 that we will know whether a comprehensive accord transcending the Iranian nuclear program is attainable; and in this case the myriad ramifications will affect all that's in play in the New Great Game in Eurasia, including US-China.

Russia starts pumping oil at Arctic rig raided by Greenpeace

by Staff Writers Moscow (AFP) 


Russia's state-held energy giant Gazprom said Friday it had launched production at an Arctic oil rig raided in September by 30 Greenpeace activists whom the authorities later detained for two months.


Russia Offers Ukraine a Financial Lifeline


MOSCOW — Playing a trump card in his diplomatic contest with the West over Ukraine, President Vladimir V. Putin said Tuesday that Russia would come to the rescue of its financially troubled neighbor, providing $15 billion in loans and a sharp discount on natural gas prices.

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