Egypt's Sisi negotiates arms deal in Russia

by Staff Writers, Moscow (AFP) 
Egyptian army chief and likely new president Abdel Fattah al-Sisi was on Thursday negotiating a $2-billion arms deal with Russia meant to replace subsiding assistance from old ally Washington.

Foreign factor behind events in Bosnia and Ukraine


Zamyatina Tamara MOSCOW ITAR-TASS/.

  Dismissal of the prime minister and all federal authorities as well as early elections are ultimatums put forward by participants in massive protests staged in a country situated in Central Europe.  

Abe’s Russia initiative


Prime Minister Shinzo Abe met with Russian President Vladimir Putin and attended the Winter Olympics opening ceremony on Feb. 8 in Sochi, Russia.

New Dimensions of U.S. Foreign Policy Toward Russia

Geopolitical Weekly, Stratfor
By George Friedman

The struggle for some of the most strategic territory in the world took an interesting twist this week. Last week we discussed what appeared to be a significant shift in German national strategy in which Berlin seemed to declare a new doctrine of increased assertiveness in the world -- a shift that followed intense German interest in Ukraine.

Islamist North Caucasus Rebels Training a New Generation of Fighters in Syria

By: Murad Batal al- Shishani

As Syria’s bloody conflict enters its fourth year in March, it continues to provide a battlefield that attracts jihadists from all over the world. North Caucasians, including Chechens, are no exception. Previously, many reports alleged that Chechens were present in jihadi battlefields in Afghanistan, Iraq and other places; however, these claims were never proved. Syria is the first place where Chechen jihadists are indisputably taking part in fighting outside the North Caucasus.

Foggy Bottom Phone Follies

Dimitri K. Simes, Paul J. Saunders, The National Interest

A leaked telephone conversation about Ukraine’s political crisis between Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt has received considerable attention—but primarily for the wrong reasons.

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