Central America

The Pap-Angren Railway and Its Geoeconomic Implications for Central Asia


Central Asia Caucasus Analyst, Mirzohid Rakhimov
Central Asian nations consider the development of alternative regional transport communications important aspects of their national economic and political strategy, and the republics have become active participants in various international projects to promote economic cooperation with different countries and regions of the world.

Russia is the big winner in Syria’s flawed ‘truce’

Shashank Joshi, theguardian
Putting aside the unfortunate historical ring to “peace” agreements signed in Munich, today’s Syrian truce is deeply flawed and unlikely to hold for long. The “cessation of hostilities” – for it is not a true ceasefire – has been hailed as a landmark piece of diplomacy that brings some respite to a war that long ago spiralled out of control.

Erdoğan’s conspiracy theory extends to US, UK, Germany, Mexico, Netherlands and others


By all accounts, the 1,453-page indictment against dozens of high-ranking anti-corruption investigators and Turkish Islamic scholar Fethullah Gülen is a frivolous compilation of far-fetched conspiracy theories tying veteran police chiefs, Mr. Gülen and other critics of the government to foreign powers without any evidence whatsoever.

Mexico: America's Number One Threat

James P. Farwell, Rafal Rohozinski,The National Interest

Those worried about tens of thousands of innocent civilian deaths in Syria might better focus their time, energy and resources on helping a nation where tens of thousands have also died, but whose fate directly and immediately affects U.S. and Canadian security.That nation is Mexico.


China, Nicaragua and the Canal

China, Nicaragua and the Canal

By Daniel Wagner | June 13, 2013

Source: The Guardian

A Chinese company and a former Sandinista revolutionary leader (three-time and current Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega) are teaming up to revive an old idea — create an alternative to the Panama Canal that will traverse through Nicaragua.

Nicaragua grants bid to build Panama Canal rival

Nicaragua grants bid to build Panama Canal rival

by Staff Writers
Managua (AFP) June 13, 2013

Nicaraguan lawmakers on Thursday approved a controversial deal that would allow a Hong Kong company to build a $40 billion oceanic waterway to rival the Panama Canal, and then manage it for the next 50 years.

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