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Military Mental Health Crisis Exposed With Camp Liberty Killings

By Elliot Blair Smith - Aug 1, 2012

Sergeant John Russell lay awake, wondering what his wife would do if he killed himself.

He was so messed up that his first lieutenant removed the firing pin from his M16 assault rifle. Six weeks from the end of his fifth combat-zone tour, and five years from retiring on a 20-year Army pension, he suspected he wouldn’t see any of it.

Why Syria's Rebels Can't Have It All


AUGUST 1, 2012

Here we go again.
That strange coalition of neocons and liberal interventionists is clamoring once more for a more muscular U.S. approach to Syria. And unsurprisingly, they're searching for culprits in the endless debate of "who lost Syria?"

Don't believe any of it. The time for guilting the United States into expensive and ill-thought-out military interventions has passed. Indeed, the reasons to intervene in Syria -- the hope of defusing a bloody religious and political conflict and dealing the Iranian mullahs a mortal blow -- are just not compelling enough to offset the risks and the unknowns.

Pakistani, US intelligence chiefs discuss US drone attacks

By Eric London

2 August 2012

Tensions between the Obama Administration and the Pakistani government remain high amid the first visit to the United States by a high-ranking Pakistani military officer since the US assassination of Osama bin Laden on Pakistani soil in May 2011.

Draghi can't offer a quick solution

Deutsche Welle

2 August 2012

The expectations were enormous ahead of the European Central Bank's monthly meeting. People were talking about "unlimited firepower" and "whatever it takes." But the announcements at the end were disappointing.