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Robert Fisk: Hijab defection drives wedge into fractured party

The Independent

7 August 2012

The highest ranking-defector yet – the Syrian Prime Minister, Riad Hijab – deserted President Bashar al-Assad yesterday and headed for the highest-paying supporter of the country's rebels: the oil-stuffed state of Qatar.

New Millennium Goals beyond 2015


Deutsche Welle


6 August 2012

The UN has appointed a high-level panel to advise on the global development agenda beyond 2015 when the Millennium Development Goals are expected to be achieved. The panel's first meeting will take place in September.

Sinai Attack Tests New Egyptian President’s Relationship With Israel

International Herald Tribune

6 August 2012

As Greece Rounds Up Migrants, Official Says ‘Invasion’ Imperils National Stability

New York Times

6 August 2012

ATHENS — A vast police operation here aimed at identifying illegal immigrants found that, of 6,000 people detained over the weekend, 1,400 did not have proper documentation, leading the minister of public order to say that Greece was suffering an “unprecedented invasion” that was threatening the stability of the debt-racked nation.

Iran tests short-range missile with new guidance system

By Yeganeh Torbati



Sat Aug 4, 2012

(Reuters) - Iran has test-fired a new, more accurate short-range missile capable of striking land and sea targets, it said on Saturday, a show of strength that underscored its ability to hit shipping in the Strait of Hormuz if attacked.

IMU announces death of emir, names new leader

By Bill Roggio

August 4, 2012

he Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan has announced that its emir, Abu Usman Adil, has died, and named Uthman Ghazi as the new leader of the al Qaeda-linked terror group.

The announcement of Adil's death was made on Furqon, the IMU's Uzbek-language website. His deputy, Uthman Ghazi, has been designated the new emir of the IMU, according to the SITE Intelligence Group.

TURKEY: Caught Between Syria’s Kurds and a Hard Spot

By Dorian Jones


Aug 4 2012 (EurasiaNet) -

In a display of muscle-flexing, Turkish tanks this week carried out military exercises on the Syrian border, just a few kilometres away from towns that Syrian Kurds had seized from Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s forces.

NATO Review - Homegrown terrorism: how the EU sees it


Syria crisis: UN General Assembly to vote on resolution


BBC News

3 August 2012


The UN General Assembly is due to vote on a resolution that condemns the Security Council for failing to stop the violence in Syria.

The text is not legally binding but is intended to increase pressure on the council to take action.

Israel Finds $240 Billion Gas Hoard Stranded by Politics: Energy



3 August 2012


Israel, reliant on imported energy since the state’s foundation in 1948, now has more natural gas than it can handle.

Noble Energy Inc. (NBL), Delek Group Ltd. (DLEKG) and other explorers have discovered enough gas under the Mediterranean Sea to supply Israel’s needs for 150 years. To profit from the finds sooner, the companies want to export the gas by pipeline or ship. As the Ministry of Energy prepares to publish a blueprint for developing the fields later this month, officials say the country’s economy and security must come first and shipments abroad limited.

Interview with Dr. Andrew Mango: “Turkey’s Walk from 1923 to 2023: A Critique of the Past and Recent Political Challenges”

ResearchTurkey –

August 3, 2012

Probably, not that many non-Turkish scholars have been read, referred to, admired and criticized by the students of political science and history as well as the not-so-academic followers of politics in Turkey as much and intensely as Dr. Andrew Mango had.

Agents of Destruction: Hizb'allah - A Primer on the Party of God

August 2, 2012

by Sandra Warmoth

Agents of Destruction

“And prepare for them whatever power you can and of the tying of horses. Strike terror into the enemy of Allah and your enemy and others, without them you do not know; Allah knows them.”

Ghost town hostage to Cyprus stalemate

By Ayla Jean Yackley


Thu Aug 2, 2012

(Reuters) - Barbed wire and concrete-filled oil drums surround Maria Riri Myles' family apartment in a snake- and rat-infested no-go zone of northern Cyprus occupied only by patrolling Turkish soldiers. But it still feels like home.

Kofi Annan resigns as Syria envoy

The Guardian

2 August 2012

International disarray over the bloody crisis in Syria has been starkly underlined when the UN envoy Kofi Annan announced that he was resigning because of the failure of what he said had become a "mission impossible".

The former UN secretary general said it had been a "sacred duty" to take up the position five months ago to try to find a solution to the conflict. But growing militarisation and a lack of unity among world powers had changed the circumstances.

Annan Quits Syria Role 


Kofi Annan said Thursday he will quit his high-profile role as special envoy to Syria at the end of the month, delivering blistering criticism of world powers' failure to unite to stop the country's…

Key U.S. lawmakers agree on new Iran sanctions

By Reuters and The Associated Press

Jul.31, 2012

U.S. lawmakers are a step closer to finalizing new sanctions aimed at further restricting Iran's oil revenues after negotiators from the Senate and House of Representatives agreed upon a compromise bill on Monday.

Syrian fighting rages in crucial Aleppo

31 Jul 2012

Syrian forces and rebels have clashed violently in and around Aleppo as the battle for control of the country's largest city raged into a fourth day, with both sides claiming advances.

The Syrian army said on Monday it had overrun part of the city's rebel-held Salaheddin district, which sits in the southwest in the face of the government advance, but that claim was denied by a rebel Free Syrian Army commander.

Turkey's Syria policy backfires


Deutsche Welle,

31 July 2012

As Syria's crisis deepens, Turkey is greatly concerned about a PKK-controlled Kurdish state in Turkey's immediate neighborhood. Ankara's fear is not a Greater Kurdistan, but a PKK-controlled semi-state, analysts say.

Ankara's support for a regime change in Syria has started to backfire, threatening Turkey's own national security, with Syrian Kurdish groups forming a de facto state in the north of Syria.

Syrian regime claims gains in Aleppo, rebels deny

Associated Press


Syrian government forces mounted new ground attacks against rebel-controlled neighborhoods in Syria's commercial hub of Aleppo, the state media said Monday, but failed to dislodge the opposition from their strongholds, according to activists.

Expert: Officials ignorant on sharia

Becky Yeh - OneNewsNow California correspondent -

An expert on Islam is concerned that some California politicians and city officials are ignoring the facts about sharia law.

A town hall meeting at the Islamic Society of Orange County earlier this year declared there is no conflict between sharia law, the U.S. Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Several lawmakers and officials in The Golden State -- including Democratic U.S. Congresswomen Maxine Waters and Loretta Sanchez; Los Angeles Police Department Deputy Chief Michael Downing; and Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca -- urged support for sharia law. In several recently released videos from the event, officials said that sharia is not a threat to the United States.