December, 2016 Security-Information

Turkish "martyr"

Burak Bekdil
If you typed the Turkish word for martyr (şehit) into Google on the day after the twin bombings in Istanbul, you would have gotten more than 4.5 million results. Until a few decades ago, “martyr” in official and public Turkish lexicon meant a soldier who died while defending their homeland from occupying powers. 

 ISIS impetus

DEBKAfile Special Report 

Judging from the rash of reports claiming US-Iraqi military progress in the Mosul offensive against ISIS and the extra American special operations forces personnel posted to Syria for an impending US-Kurdish operation to capture the ISIS Syrian stronghold of Raqqa, the Islamic State ought to be cowering under siege, finally defeated - or at least on the run.

Next ISIS?

We learned with Al Qaeda and ISIS that localized jihadist movements are not local.
Seth J. Frantzman

When Islamic State overran Mosul more than two years ago media and observers mistook it for an “insurgent” force fighting the Iraqi army. Amnesty International, on June 11, 2014 described it as an “armed opposition group” and called on it to protect civilians.