October, 2015 South America

Reuters / Ueslei Marcelino

Pepe Escobar 

Winston Churchill once said, “I feel lonely without a war.” He also badly missed the loss of empire. Churchill’s successor – the ‘Empire of Chaos’ – now faces the same quandary. Some wars – as in Ukraine, by proxy – are not going so well.
And the loss of empire increasingly manifests itself in myriad moves by selected players aiming towards a multipolar world.

 The only time Latin America surfaces on Washington's radar is when China undertakes economic diplomacy in the region, writes Richter [AP]

Stephan Richter

Re-establishing diplomatic relations between Cuba and the United States has been a long time coming. But all the current US excitement about Cuba only highlights a big strategic void: Why is the US so hesitant to engage itself more in Latin America as a whole?