Turkish soldiers allegedly have ‘contacts’ with Al-Nusra extremists near Syrian border.

 Turkish soldiers allegedly have ‘contacts’ with Al-Nusra extremists near Syrian border.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013 9:22



Turkish soldiers allegedly have ‘contacts’ with Al-Nusra extremists near Syrian border.(Firat).
Sources close to Kurdish Front Jabhat al-Akrad reported that a group of 20-25 people wearing Turkish military uniforms and masks entered the village of Çobanbey (across the Elbeyli district of Kilis province) on Wednesday afternoon.

After going to the al-Nusra headquarters in the village, the group, allegedly soldiers of Turkish Armed Forces (TSK), raided the Karagöz village late in the evening, accompanied by militants of the radical Islamist al-Nusra Front. The group and gang members kidnapped three Kurds in the village. The whereabouts of the Kurdish civilians still remains unknown.

Some people linked to Al-Qeada and the Turkish Intelligence Service (MIT) have allegedly informed against some patriot Kurds intended to be kidnapped.

In a statement to ANF on 16 August, the general commander of Jabhat al-Akrad said that his fighters killed two members of the Turkish Intelligence Service (MIT) in the last two days of clashes in the region of Sad Shahab where the Kurdish villages are located.

He pointed out that 117 Kurdish villages in the Aleppo / Bab / Azzaz triangle are under attack by al-Qaeda-linked groups backed by Turkey since early July.

Jabhat al-Akrad (the Kurdish Front), consists of members of all ethnic groups in Syria and are allied of the People’s Defense Units (YPG). The organisation has forty battalions, especially in the areas of Bab Azzaz and Aleppo. It is part of the military council of the “real” Free Syrian Army.

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