Deputy PM says Turkey seeks to open TİKA office in Greece

Today's Zaman
Deputy Prime Minister Yalçın Akdoğan has said that Turkey has been in discussion with Greek authorities to open a Turkish Cooperation and Development Agency(TİKA) office in Greece.
Speaking in Parliament on Sunday, Akdoğan said a bilateral agreement is required for TİKA to open a liaison office in a foreign country and maintained that Turkey has discussed the opening of a TİKA office in Greece with Greek officials.

“In the last meeting in Greece, we covered this subject [the opening of a TİKA office in Greece]. But our embassies in countries where TİKA has no office also carry out similar activities [to those of TİKA],” said Akdoğan.
Established by former President Turgut Özal in 1992, TİKA is responsible for the organization of much of Turkey's official development assistance to developing countries. It currently has 50 liaison offices in 48 countries and is active in 140 countries. TİKA-sponsored projects include -- but are not limited to – projects related to health, drinking water and sanitation infrastructure, the enhancement of cultural cooperation, the alleviation of housing problems, the preservation of historical artifacts and the promotion of the Turkish language.